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They’ve got some ‘splaining to do!

A fifth class-action lawsuit has been brought against Sony Studios, after they failed to protect the personal information of their current and former employees. This suit is being filed by Jane Doe, who is using that name to prevent further intrusion into her personal life. She claims her information has been published online twice.

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The suit states:

“Sony is frequently the subject of data breaches and despite the known damage such breaches have caused in recent years, Sony has failed to implement and maintain adequate and advanced data security and data management systems and policies… Sony, from experience and from express warnings has been made aware that its data security systems are inadequate to protect PII [personally identifiable information] it is legally obligated to keep secure.”

Some of this information includes social security numbers, medical information, financial information, human resources records, and employment records.

Unspecified damages are being sought.

Another similar lawsuit was filed on Thursday, so it’s safe to say that Sony has it’s hands full. In fact, they could probably use a few more hands!