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Attorney J. Edward Bell III, senior partner and founder of Bell Legal Group in Georgetown, SC, is a practicing personal injury attorney specializing in complex trial litigation. He distinguished himself early in his career in the demanding auto defects field and has become a top litigator at the local, state and national level in the fields of auto safety , auto defects and auto accidents, police and jail misconduct, personal injury, medical malpractice and most recently environmental law.

Ed’s unique approach to auto defects trial work lead him to establish a Vehicle Safety Research Center, where trained experts conduct auto defect investigations, auto accident re-enactments, develop exhibits, and explore the complex nature of the issues surrounding auto accident cases. The experts at the Center assist attorneys at the Bell Legal Group with technical information needed to understand the specific events associated with auto accidents during more complex trial situations. The Bell Legal Group is one of only a few firms in the nation that staffs engineers and scientists dedicated to research and development of alternative safety designs for automobiles. This type of intricate testing is usually done only at the federal level, through the National Highway Safety Administration.

Attorney J. Edward Bell III, along and Bell Legal Group have been at the forefront of jury research and ultimately helped found the Arvada Jury Project, which was a research project that analyzed the adverse political impact on trial lawyers and the jury attitudes. This project drastically changed the way trial attorneys present their cases to juries.