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Areas of Practice:

Car Accidents

Car accidents cause injuries every day. We understand the mechanism of the injuries and we can help you the proper obtain medical care.

Wrongful Death Claims

Fatal accidents leave the surviving victims with an incredible loss. We help families with their claims and the criminal restitution.

Semi-Truck Accidents

Accidents with commercial trucks cause severe and permanent injuries. Important information must be obtained from the truck quickly.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents commonly leave the injury victims with long term or permanent spinal damages. Other related injuries take very long to heal.

Dog Bites & Dog Attacks

Dog bites can leave permanent and visible scarring on the victim’s skin. Dog attacks can also lead to nerve damage that is constant and painful.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. At times, the collision is so great that the rider’s helmet does not prevent a death.

Local Attorneys for Injury Claims

Your life can be turned upside down after an auto accident. We are here to help you. We have helped thousands of injury victims. These victims include family members and friends and people in our community. We take an individualized approach to all of our cases by knowing our clients’ losses and the extent of the negligence of the adverse party.

Do not speak with the adverse insurance company and do not settle your claim quickly. Insurance companies work to diminish the value of your claim. On the other hand, an experienced attorney will help you obtain the proper medical care and hire doctors for expert opinions to prove the magnitude of your injuries.

We will not stop fighting for you until we obtain every penny that you deserve for your pain and suffering, lost wages and other losses. Explore your legal options and give your legal case the time and dedication that it deserves. Injuries change people’s lives, so it is always better to address your claim with the assistance of professionals.

Injury Attorneys Who Care

We take an individual approach to each of our cases. One client may need a surgery while another may need therapy for a back injury. Car accidents can cause many different injuries and it is our goal to help you recover your health and to advocate for your best interests and the best possible outcome in your injury claim.

Litigating Your Case

Most auto insurance companies will try to pay you the minimum amount of compensation to do away with your claim. In some cases, your claim will be denied. You need to be ready to litigate your claim for a better result.

Preparing Your Case for Trial or Arbitration

You should provide all of your losses to the arbitrator or the jury. Think about what you no cannot do anymore and the time that you lost away from your family, your activities, and your job. Do you have permanent damages? Will you need medical care in the future? Consider using an expert report for your future damages. Perhaps your ability to work has been affected or you may beed pain management for the rest of your life. Consider using a Life Care Plan, a Medical Cost Projection Report, or a Loss of Earnings to demonstrate the losses in income or future company profits.

Using the Right Tools to Present Your Injury Claim

You will need more advanced tools to present your losses and damages to the trier of fact. Use these reports for your arbitration, mediation or trial.

Life Care Plans

(Evidence for Present & Future Economic Damages)

You may need to prove damages into the future if you have a permanent injury. The expenses into the future can sometimes exceed the current medical costs.

Medical Cost Projections

(Prove Medical Costs)

Medical costs can be very expensive over a lifetime. Some of our clients need treatment for 5 to 10 years (or more) after the collision.

Loss of Earnings

(Computing Economic Losses – Past and Future)

Use an economist to compute your lost earnings and other damages. Your business losses and individual income loss should be paid by the adverse carrier.

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